Classified Sections

When placing a classified ad it is important to be in the proper section so that people can find your ad while reading the newspaper. Below is a brief list of the different sections we have in the newspaper. If you feel your particular ad doesn't fall into one of the categories we can create one for you.

• Help Wanted
• Garage Sales
• Business Directory
• Assuemed Name
• Legal Notices
• Many many more!

We also have the following listings that can run in both newspapers!

• Apartment for Rent
• Autos for Sale
• Household Miscellaneous
• Pet Supplies
• Musical Instraments
• Recreation Vehicles
• Vans, Trucks, 4 Wheel Drive
• Bicycles, Motorcycles, etc.
• Boats, equipment
• Apparel, Fur, Jewelry

If you want to sell it, we can list it for you! Call or email us today to place your ad! You can also submit an ad online.
Click here to submit an Apartment Classified Ad online!
Click here to submit a Business Directory/Help Wanted Classifed Ad online!

*We reserve the right to deny any advertisement we deem to be inappropriate.

When you place an ad in the classified section it runs in both of our publications!

This weeks classified section!
This Week's Classified Section